Life lately..

Well hello there world! I feel like June brought me into a little be of a funk. I was feeling uninspired and perhaps the after effects of having my  birthday and getting back from a 10 day vacation. It was hard to get my momentum back. I got it back last week and was re-inspired by my clients and am feeling the forward motion of being 100% inspired and driven and motivated and positive.  Being an entrepreneur can be such a roller coaster! However, when I’m feeling good, I appreciate the bumpiness of the road.

The past 24 hours in a nut shell (A big walnut shell)… Went to Fort Collins to check out the O’Dell’s brewery and some amazing museums at CSU and also to a yarn / textiles/ knitting store called Lamb Spun, drank various types of O’Dell’s on the patio, this morning got to learn more about my boyfriend’s father’s grand adventure of discovering places / things on a map from the 1500s!!! I spent an hour and a half at the dog park, and later today, going to the museum and to my parents house. This holiday weekend is wonderful and it’s not over. Tomorrow will be a recovery and get prepared to propel into a new week 🙂

Today at the dog park, Olive met all kinds of dogs that looked like her! Take a look…



I have a few hours to chill out before I head to the museum and my parents house and am wondering how I should be spending them. I think a big ol’ TO DO list is in order!


B.Sue show this Thursday at the Colorado Music Buzz issue launch (I’ll be featured in this issue!)

– My series of “Do what you love. Love what you do workshops”

– Our B.Sue show on July 26th

– Prioritizing my work / play load.

I think I’ll just take a nap.

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