Mid August already?

Wowzers!! Here we are in mid August! I just finished up working 50+ hours managing the Denver County Fair fashion, holistic, and craft pavilions, as well as managing my stage, entertaining my area, and being on my rollerskates for a good 30+ hours. I took 2 days to recuperate.. which is sometimes hard for me to do because I’m always in “go! Go! go! GO!” mode. Yesterday, I cracked open a beer or 2 and watched Godfather 1 and 2, sat in the dark, and relaxed. It felt oh so good!!

The life of a dreamer / doer ebbs and flows, being full of so much activity, and so little activity.

I’m back to work and ready to go! I feel a little bit overwhelmed with the emails I need to sift through and getting my studio back in order after being gone for a week, so I shall make my todo list and start checking things off.

Happy Hump Day!

One thought on “Mid August already?

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