Welcome back to the work week!

Welcome back to the week everybody! For those of you who are coming back from a long weekend and finding that you are bombarded with the energy of work, ease on into it! Create your space to get your weekly goals accomplished, get out your todo list and start doing!

I definitely feel overwhelmed after a weekend of dancing, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. Ufda!

So! I’m starting out my day organizing my sector of where my immediate goals need to be met.. My desk! I’m making sure the light is perfect, my papers are in order, the music is just right and I’m inspired to sit down and work without distractions.

Let’s do this!

My office!

To anybody who is uncertain about going to your 20th High School Year Reunion! GO! Why the heck not? Who cares if you don’t talk to lots of people from high school, who cares if you were the black sheep… It only happens once and it’s a few hours out of your time to share life together. Just go!! I don’t really talk to anybody from high school on a consistent basis (accept a few of you) and I’m excited to see where life has taken all of us since then! Less than 2 weeks until my 20th year reunion from Smoky Hill High School!

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