Quick little workshop: Finding an intern, Internships 101

Internships 101 DATE TBD or can be done on a one on one consultation basis.
Do What You Love HQ 1070 Bannock Street $32.00

Internship 101

People often asking me how do I find my interns and what goes on in an official internship! Internships are extremely valuable to both the company and the intern.Through my company Fashion Denver, I’ve had over 30 interns in the past 6 years and have experienced the highs and lows of internships. I want to share that information to help you create a successful internship!  In this 1 hour workshop, I will share the following:

  • When do you know it’s time to take on an intern
  • Where do you find an intern
  • Questions for your internship interviews
  • How do you manage your intern(s)
  • What is the appropriate amount of work to give an intern
  • What happens if the intern doesn’t work out?

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