Jumping out of my comfort zone…

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by George aka Orange Peel Moses, to do a singing a telegram for a woman in French. Now, I speak French but would say it’s safe to say that I’m illiterate in French and can’t read it very well. The song, Succes et  Confidences, moves fast with many words in one line. At first I was intimidated by this song. It was out of my comfort zone and difficult. I listened to it over and over and re-wrote it in a way that i could understand. I practiced singing it to anybody that would listen, including the guys manning the drive up ballot lane on Bannock Street! Practice makes perfect!

Practicing my song for the ballot lane guys!

Practicing my song for the ballot lane guys!

I arrived at Lime on the 16th Street mall and immediately knew where the birthday party was. I asked where the birthday girl was and read her the letter from the giver of the telegram. I tried my best to have a perfect French accent. The receiver, Marilyn, was grinning ear to ear. After I read the letter, I played the karaoke version of the song on my boom box bag and words in hand, sang my heart out. I had her sing along with me and we belted out the words to this beautiful French song.

Singing telegram


What a wonderful adventure that was. I got out of my comfort zone, challenged myself in my French language, and made a new friend. It turns out that the birthday girl received this gift from her friend Olivier in France who she hasn’t seen for 45 years!  Through the power of the internet, Olivier was able to find George’s company, and send a singing telegram to Marilyn all the way from across the ocean. I was so happy to be involved in such a special gift!