12027306_10152979128690518_5827594644991463957_oI first met Shelley Hunter Hillesheim at a fashion event and within 20 seconds, fell in love with her. Her energy is so very grounding while simultaneously hilariously fun. We made plans to hang out again and upon that hangout session, we laughed more while having serious conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Shelly’s wisdom, advice, and passion inspired the heck out of me and every time I get to hang out with her, I leave a more grounded person.

I’m so happy to be in attendance at this event and wanted to share it with others that may want to be part of an inspiring weekend getaway!


Join my girlfriend Shelley Hunter Hillesheim, self-care & personal success coach and founder of A Nourished Life, and your ‘soul’ sisters in a retreat experience that is all about YOU!

A Nourished Life presents the FIRST EVER Self-Care & Sisterhood Sleepover on October 24 and 25 at Keystone Resort, featuring luxury accommodations at The Meadow House. Make yourself a priority, retreat to a sacred sanctuary and walk away feeling truly nourished & ready to take inspired actions that are in alignment with your fundamental self-care needs!

Don’t think you know anyone going – come anyway! This retreat is a GREAT opportunity to meet some new mindful and supportive sistas! 

Register here!

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