In my mind. In my heart.


Photo by Lynn Nguyen

A year and a half ago, Sahar Paz and I were on our #WordLoveTour in Denver and LA. Our friendship starting instantly on the dance floor at Dazzle and 8 years later, a tour, inspiring others to Find Their Voice and Do What They Love.

In the past year and a half, Sahar has written a book, gone on a book tour, and continues to inspire the masses by sharing her story and her light.

In the past year and a half, I fulfilled a lifelong dream to go back to my birth country, turned 40, realized that I needed to move out of my studio that I have grown to love, got in a car accident and lost an amazing friend.

But in that time, I have also gained a new roomate (my brother!!! AWESOME!!!!) as I joined him in his beautiful apartment where we can see the stars, I can swim, and Olive and I can play up on the rooftop of the parking garage, grown to find peace in my commute to Denver, and am happy to be right here at this moment in time. I don’t have one foot out the door. I am here.

J’suis ici.

I have nourished old friendships and have begun building amazing new friendships, both of these opening up my heart and soul and learning so much about me in this safe place. I am so grateful!

I’ve been creatively inspired in new ways with music, writing, film, and even thinking.

I am getting out of my comfort zone. Interestingly enough, getting out of my comfort zone means getting into my ME. Learning about places within myself that I haven’t explored much of. The sides of me that I want to work on, let go of, and become better from. It’s scary. It’s surprising.

I am a work in progress.

My relationship with God has been the strongest that it’s ever been. It’s giving me strength and courage to explore the darkness and know that everything will be alright. It’s helping me to understand my light and be able to shine my light brightly, even if it means being vulnerable.

I feel grounded. I feel myself growing. I feel myself preparing for something amazing.

Even through the darkness, I know there will be light. Even through the light, I know there will be darkness.

We just have to keep pushing on, surrounding ourselves with positive people, being the positive person when things feel negative, keep being the light.