Monday play time

One of the things that I love to do when I get into my office here at Green Spaces is to talk to people and see how their day is starting. If I can, I like to spread positive cheer and motivation along the way. When we engage with others, that positive energy can motivate us and thus change the course of our day, all the while we can spread that energy. I realized this morning that this is in my Zone of Genius! Instead of feeling like this is a distraction, I want to incorporate it positively into the day, knowing that this communication time is valuable.

When I first get to work, I can be distracted by a million different ideas. That’s okay! I’m learning to let these ideas come and go, write them down, and let them exist, while simultaneously narrowing in on what my focus of the day is.

Brandi Shigley at Green Spaces

Today’s random and fun ideas included the following:

  • Creating a little track that the people who pace around while on phone conversations can walk around like a miniature train station. My fellow co-Green Spacer and I talked about how fun it would be to have mountains and neighborhoods and shopping centers and country scenes on our walkable train set. All the while, people who are pacing are also generating energy for Green Spaces. Now this idea is just a silly fun idea, but the conversation energized us both. We talked about it, drew it out, and then both said, “Okay! Time to get to work!”
  • Make a little surfer that can be clips into wings and feather hairdoos. Again, another idea that Margaret and I had over coffee that inspired creativity and silliness. Again, we both said “Okay! Time to REALLY get to work!”

Don’t forget to play! That play time in the morning is such a great way to start the day. After we played, then I began to make my to-do list and find my focus. Go with what moves you. Allow your creativity and business prowess to be inspired by your actions.