What happens when you turn right instead of left

LifeFor the past year, I’ve had the sheer joy of walking down to the end of my street and seeing the beautiful countryside on the other side of the railroad tracks. I’ve found a rock to sit on and meditate and take in all that life is. I’ve walked down to the end of the path where the beautiful tree with the Eagle’s Nest sits perched high and I can watch the family of eagles do their eagle thing. It’s been absolutely beautiful to find this bit of heaven and watch and observe as the seasons change and as my heart and soul evolve into what they are becoming.

This past Sunday I decided to take a right on the path and go down a road that I’ve only seen from a distance. I walked a mile up that road taking in the new view and the beauty that surrounded me. I talked to myself and God out loud, laughing that we were the only people that could hear me. My heart smiled as I looked right to the gorgeous views of the mountains. I looked left and my heart beat even faster of the beauty of the meadows and the lake in the distance.

How come it has taken me this long to walk down this road? To see all of this beauty that has been right in front of me? My excitement for a new path and with a new view filled me with joy and new inspiration.

This morning I popped out of bed ready to walk down that same road for my “fifteen minutes to fulfillment” to inspire and motivate for the day ahead. On my walk back, I noticed a little half circle path of dirt, a place where people could turn around. I walked down the that path and saw a gate. I had seen that gate before but assumed it was to somebody’s property. As I approached the gate, I saw that there was a walk in side gate. There was no lock on it so I walked in. And holy moly! What to my wandering eyes should appear? Open Space! Land for others to explore full of wildlife. A reserve to keep the beauty untouched. I looked up at the sky, smiling.

All of this time, I’ve been appreciating the beauty from afar. I didn’t think that it could get any better than that. Then, I made the choice to take a different path, taking me down a new road that was full of beauty. And then, the gates opened up, the discovery that that beauty can not only be viewed from afar but explored and absorbed.

I walked down the path into a whole new world, taking in the sounds, smells, sights and absorbing what was right in front of me all along.