Workshop: Tapping into your zone of genius through creativity and movement

Wednesday, September 7th
Location {Denver park to be announced}
Co-led by Brandi Shigley and Christopher Stephan

Movement and creativity are key to discovering and developing your passions, untapped potential, inspirations and motivations! I’m so excited to partner up with one of my bestest of friends Christopher Stephan of 4:42 Studios, in a workshop that will get your brain and body moving in new ways and help you tap into that Zone of Genius that has been waiting for you!

In this workshop:

  • Finding your passion! How do you even know what it is that you are passionate about? Sometimes that desire is so buried that we just have to dust off the debris and re-find that flame. We will work in small groups in creative ways to tap into what your passion is.
  • Connecting to community within your passion: How, where and why do we connect? How do we connect with individuals and organizations that can connect us and involve us more in our passions?
  • Keeping the fire burning: Once you understand what your passion is, you have to keep the motivation to stay inspired. Learn tips to do just that.
  • Tapping into your creativity: Chris will lead the group through a drawing workshop that will help tap into your mind. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a good drawer to do this exercise.
  • Balance: Often times we are impatient with ourselves and don’t give ourselves the time to find the balance that we need. Chris will be leading the group on walking across the slackline.

This workshop mixes mind, body, and soul together in an amalgamation of creative fun! Join us!