Artshow update

Wow… it’s already been a year since the inception of the idea for the art show for the homeless. I have a storage full of art supplies and an idea that is ready to be created. Sometimes, I think that things are postponed for a reason. To grow and become something even better.

Today I met with the Mayor’s office with Erik Soliván, the first Executive Director of the new Office of Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE). I was connected to Erik through Patty Calhoun, co-founder of Westword with whom we had discussed collaborating on CANVAS, the art show for the homeless community. Last year seemed to fly by and the next thing we knew, the artshow didn’t happen but now there is something bigger on the horizon.

With the Mayor’s office, we talked about the art show, about brainstorming and strategizing up ways to bring our community together to inspire hope and sustainability for a better future amongst our neighbors who have / are experiencing homelessness. This is just the beginning!

We are STILL continuing to collect art supplies! If you would like to donate, please drop them off at Green Spaces (where my HQ is) Monday-Friday between 9-5pm. Or contact me and we can arrange something. This art show WILL happen this year and it will be something beautiful!

Thank you all for your support and giving!!