Accountability & Coaching

dream DO | Accountability Sessions
Every Monday, June 16th
Times available: 10am-11am, 11am-12pm, 6pm-7pm
You can also join virtually via Skype or Google Hangouts on the above times
1070 Bannock Street

Weekly accountability sessions

Dream. Do. LIST


Every Monday, small groups of up to 5 supportive dreamers/doers will meet to discuss their goals for the week, challenges that may be faced, and hurdles that will be jumped.  Along the way, Brandi will provide tools and techniques to help these motivated dreamer/doers get past the spooky parts of reaching for the stars, as well as help each group member foster connections and find resources to help fulfill goals.  United with good ol’ fashioned motivation and inspiration from Brandi as well as other group members, dreams have never seemed so real!

A weekly session with a commitment of 1 month, the sessions will build on the past week’s accomplishments and goals as dreamers find ways to move towards doers each week.  Brandi and the group will keep up the encouragement, effort, and education until every dream is turned into a reality!

Dreamers can sign up at any time and jump right in. The accountability sessions are also available to join online via Google Hangout.


“Brandi Shigley is a highly experienced professional who shared her wisdom of overcoming barriers, and executing the steps necessary to take projects to the next level.  She is a powerful visionary, and has no problem understanding the needs, and goals, of her clients.  Brandi was attentive, and focused on exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  She helped me to create a solid structure that broke down the complex stages of strategy and development.  After our consultation, I knew exactly how to prioritize my tasks, and had a newfound clarity of my vision. 

Brandi is a rare consultant – one who truly respects an entrepreneur’s passion, but also has the business knowledge required to turn concept into creation.  I highly recommend working with Brandi to anyone looking to strengthen foundations, overcome challenges, and/ or organize their execution process.   She is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs.”

 Rachel Lataitis | Founder of Mali Mamas

Price: $96.00

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