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I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years. I’ve gone through the trenches and have experienced what it takes to get your passion out of your brain and out into the world. I am extremely passionate about being able to inspire, guide and provide the tools, techniques, and connections to help others get their businesses running!


“Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Brandi Shigley was one of my smartest business decisions.  She is a highly experienced professional who shared her wisdom of overcoming barriers, and executing the steps necessary to take projects to the next level.  She is a powerful visionary, and has no problem understanding the needs, and goals, of her clients.  Brandi was attentive, and focused on exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  She helped me to create a solid structure that broke down the complex stages of strategy and development.  After our consultation, I knew exactly how to prioritize my tasks, and had a newfound clarity of my vision.  

Brandi is a rare consultant – one who truly respects an entrepreneur’s passion, but also has the business knowledge required to turn concept into creation.  I highly recommend a one-on-one consultation to anyone looking to strengthen foundations, overcome challenges, and/ or organize their execution process.   She is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs.”

– Rachel Lataitis | Founder of Mali Mamas

“Brandi at Fashion Denver was instrumental in launching my success as Marie-Margot Couture.  She accepted me in the first fashion show I ever did in Denver.  She’s a constant positive energy for anyone interested in taking their business to the next level.  Brandi has a serious business head and has helped me not only with collateral material design and production and website design, but in strategizing for the next step.  Her support and enthusiasm and zest for life are a shot in the arm!”

-Maggie Burns |2016 winner of Top Designer of the Year in 303 Magazine |  Marie Margot Couture

 Let’s set up a 1o minute phone call so I can hear what your needs are and make sure that I would be the right fit to help you on your way! Consultations are billed hourly.

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One thought on “Consulting

  1. Jesse Hester

    Hi there, my name is Jesse Hester and I am a 20 year old college student at Community College of Denver. I am in the process of starting a footwear line that I plan to ultimately evolve into a unique lifestyle upper range brand complete with an accessories line and a jacket/vest line. Currently, I am in planning stage such as constructing a business plan, getting renderings made, networking like crazy and figuring out how to search/recruit for a potential partner. I also plan to go to the Las Vegas MAGIC footwear trade show in February of 2015.
    The next step will be to find a pattern cutter/footwear designer who is knowledgeable of construction and footwear materials as well as putting together a landing webpage, building a team and lastly knowing what investors look for in apparel startups and where they are located.

    Thanks Alot!!