Get out of the darkness and step into the light… In business!


Uggggg…. is anyone else feeling the after effects of the holiday, the lull in business, and feeling, honestly… a bit bleak? Well, time for us to kick ourselves in the bootie and get out of the funk and into a new year! This is an exciting time for us entrepreneurs as it is a blank slate with so much to be accomplished and so many FRESH ideas to implement!

Join me for my “Step into the light” workshop as I clear up the foggy windows and reinspire and awake you in business!

Thursday, February 12th 2015

Topics to be covered:

Clearing away the funk!
It’s hard to be inspired when you’re in a funk. Let me help you take that funk and kick it to the curb!

Creating a fresh slate and creating new ideas that you WILL make happen. We’ll go over ways to make sure that you see these ideas through. Through organization and connecting with the right people, all things are possible!

Motivation and Inspiration: As an entrepreneur, it’s sometimes (maybe often times) hard to stay inspired and motivated. I’ll give you some tips and teqniques to keep the motivation and inspiration flowing in like a typhoon o’ happiness.



Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 10.33.25 AMT E S T I M O N I A L S: 

“The ambition and motivation you emulate is contagious and really inspired me to work hard and follow my dreams. Denver is lucky to have such an individual pushing and encouraging the local fashion scene!”

– Shayla Preeshl | Stylist at Neiman Marcus

“Brandi’s workshop will make you feel rooted in yourself and ready to conquer the world. Her enthusiasm, expertise and candor combine to create a truly inspirational experience. Thank you! “

Sandra Konta



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