my business history

* 1982-1999 Sunair Security. Yes, this career spanned from ages 7-23 in which I helped my parents grow their security company. From making copies to running wire to helping them manage all of their clients doing customer service, accounting, marketing, and even being a janitor!

* 1999-2006 b.shigley designs (handmade handbags for women who kick ass). For over 7 years I built a business from the ground up, creating handbags for women and a few cross dressers. This little business grew before my very eyes and lead to a snowball effect of media both locally and nationally. Eventually my bags were selling in boutiques in Denver, Chicago, New York, London, Paris, San Diego, and San Francisco as well as online to states all across North America. I even had orders in Austrailia, Singapore, and England.

* 2002-2004 Premise Intelligence Agency. I was a lucky duck to connect with the amazing powerhouse couple, Gregg Witt and Kristine Zuchetti, who own Premise. While on my adventures in Southern California, they took me under their wings and brought me into their business. I did everything from administrative assistant stuff to writing press releases, coordinating skateboard demos, planning art shows, traveling to skateboarding events, and so much more. I learned so much about the importance of branding, marketing and PR. This was a critical point in the learning process!

* 2004-present b.23 productions. Life brought me back to Colorado and I realized that I could help small businesses start up. With all of the experience with my handbag business, working with Premise, and working for my parents, I realized that I had the skills to share my newly developed skills with others! BAM! B.23 Productions was born. In this business, I do small business consulting, marketing, web design, PR, and any other task that you encounter with a small business.

* 2004-present Fashion Denver. Fashion Denver is a business that I started where I can directly assist designers and other small businesses in the fashion industry. Through fashion markets, fashion events, and our showroom, I’m able to take the lessons from my handbag days, Premise days, and b.23 productions and combine them all to help our emerging designers. At Fashion Denver we also do PR, marketing, and consulting.


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