This has been a life changing week!

Ever so often I realize that the advice that I’ve been giving in my consulting and in casual conversation, is the advice that I need to follow.


I will bring my vision and dreams to the forefront and make them a priority. I thought I was doing that, but I realize that I’m not.. or at least as not as much as I should be.

Just start! Or restart!

September 17th, 2012 I started writing my book with the working title “Chronicles of a dreamer / doer”. I worked diligently for 3 months and then stopped. Today is the day that I started back on my book project. Instead of getting angry at the fact that it has been months since I’ve worked on it, I just started.

As I was working on my book, I realized that the skeleton of my entire book is written. Now it’s time to edit, add, and make it just right. I’m a lot farther on the book project than I thought!

It feels good to open up that chapter (literally) again :)

My life's an open book...



It’s important to hit the “reset” button!


resetAfter 3 months of working hard towards projects, client work, and new goals, all of them have been achieved and…well, now what?

I go through this tiny bit of depression after big projects are done. So much time and energy was expended and now that it’s all over, I’m exhausted, have no energy and it seems all of my inspiration and creativity fell right out of me.

Time to hit “RESET!”

These are the things I do to reset:

  1. Clean / reorganize: I have a studio space that allows me to rearrange and create new spaces within my space. Every time I need to reset, I do a complete switcharoo on my space and rearrange my space to accommodate my goals. For example, the past 2 months I knew I had my workshops coming up, band practice, and lots of web work to complete. I arranged my space to help me fulfill those goals. Now that those goals are complete, I’ve arranged my space to inspire business development and creative brainstorming sessions for the next few months.
  2. Put all of the things in my head out on paper… or big gigantic wipe board: This is my giant “brain dump” where I can see where I need to wrap up loose ends and start implementing new plans and goals that were sitting in my head. From there, I can start prioritizing and setting things into action.
  3. Meet with inspiring collegues or friends:  This always help me get my motivation back and when you talk about what you want to accomplish, it helps you realize your own plans.
  4. Fresh food in the fridge: I feel like my mind is sharper when I have fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge and in my belly. This gets me on a healthy path and thinking about what I’m putting in my body that will assist me in sharp innovative ideas.
  5. Get outside and take a walk: Be conscious of what your new goals are. Let go of old energy that you’re holding onto. The fresh fall air will really get the resetting flowing!

You can reset daily, weekly, monthly… in fact it’s good to reset frequently! Now that I’m back from a business trip in San Diego, my space is organized the way I want, and I’m ready to get this week started! Let’s do it!

Sunshine in the city

Ahhhh… it’s amazing what a walk can do to clear your head. After an amazing workshop last night (my first time teaching the Prequel), I was almost overly inspired and excited. There was such amazing energy in the room. We talked about what our blocks are as far as recognizing our passions. We did some writing exercises to dig deep into our minds and hearts. It was so much fun and the time flew by! We even had a woman join us from Crested Butte via Skype!



The day after I teach a workshop, my energy seems to be depleted and I have to re-up. Because I teach my other workshop tonight, I knew that I didn’t have as much recovery time so I went out on a walk under the beautiful sunshine in our city. I thought about what my own blocks were that were making me feel like my energy was depleted. What I came up with was: Interrupted sleep, inspiration overload, and.. well, that I just needed to go on a walk to think about things.

When I returned, I felt totally energized and ready for tonight! I also realized that I needed a little bit of a break from my space so I’m working down at the coffee shop, hidden away in a little corner.

I’ve got a few more tasks that I’d like to accomplish and then I think I’ll head back to my studio and prepare for this evening.

Deplete to replete. Rinse and repeat.


Ahhhh… Fall has arrived. I just got back from riding my bike in the cool weather. Fall is definitely here. Fall always makes me reflect on life. Also, maybe I’ve been extra reflective with my 20th year high school reunion behind me. I feel like I’ve made great strides in business and in life, which really, is one in the same to me. I’ve made some tremendous growth and am trying to figure out where exactly the growth has been coming from. I think it’s from feeling comfortable with understanding my value and having the confidence to be okay with that.

Understanding my value has always been a struggle for me.

This week I teach my 2 workshops. I’m so excited to teach the Prequel. This will be my very first time ever teaching this and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds!

My mind is sleepy and I must energetically prepare for tomorrow. I have so much more I want to write about but my body and mind is telling me that now is not the time. Now is the time for wine, relax, and sleep.

Goodnight world!

Welcome back to the work week!

Welcome back to the week everybody! For those of you who are coming back from a long weekend and finding that you are bombarded with the energy of work, ease on into it! Create your space to get your weekly goals accomplished, get out your todo list and start doing!

I definitely feel overwhelmed after a weekend of dancing, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. Ufda!

So! I’m starting out my day organizing my sector of where my immediate goals need to be met.. My desk! I’m making sure the light is perfect, my papers are in order, the music is just right and I’m inspired to sit down and work without distractions.

Let’s do this!

My office!

To anybody who is uncertain about going to your 20th High School Year Reunion! GO! Why the heck not? Who cares if you don’t talk to lots of people from high school, who cares if you were the black sheep… It only happens once and it’s a few hours out of your time to share life together. Just go!! I don’t really talk to anybody from high school on a consistent basis (accept a few of you) and I’m excited to see where life has taken all of us since then! Less than 2 weeks until my 20th year reunion from Smoky Hill High School!

Mid August already?

Wowzers!! Here we are in mid August! I just finished up working 50+ hours managing the Denver County Fair fashion, holistic, and craft pavilions, as well as managing my stage, entertaining my area, and being on my rollerskates for a good 30+ hours. I took 2 days to recuperate.. which is sometimes hard for me to do because I’m always in “go! Go! go! GO!” mode. Yesterday, I cracked open a beer or 2 and watched Godfather 1 and 2, sat in the dark, and relaxed. It felt oh so good!!

The life of a dreamer / doer ebbs and flows, being full of so much activity, and so little activity.

I’m back to work and ready to go! I feel a little bit overwhelmed with the emails I need to sift through and getting my studio back in order after being gone for a week, so I shall make my todo list and start checking things off.

Happy Hump Day!

Life lately..

Well hello there world! I feel like June brought me into a little be of a funk. I was feeling uninspired and perhaps the after effects of having my  birthday and getting back from a 10 day vacation. It was hard to get my momentum back. I got it back last week and was re-inspired by my clients and am feeling the forward motion of being 100% inspired and driven and motivated and positive.  Being an entrepreneur can be such a roller coaster! However, when I’m feeling good, I appreciate the bumpiness of the road.

The past 24 hours in a nut shell (A big walnut shell)… Went to Fort Collins to check out the O’Dell’s brewery and some amazing museums at CSU and also to a yarn / textiles/ knitting store called Lamb Spun, drank various types of O’Dell’s on the patio, this morning got to learn more about my boyfriend’s father’s grand adventure of discovering places / things on a map from the 1500s!!! I spent an hour and a half at the dog park, and later today, going to the museum and to my parents house. This holiday weekend is wonderful and it’s not over. Tomorrow will be a recovery and get prepared to propel into a new week :)

Today at the dog park, Olive met all kinds of dogs that looked like her! Take a look…



I have a few hours to chill out before I head to the museum and my parents house and am wondering how I should be spending them. I think a big ol’ TO DO list is in order!


B.Sue show this Thursday at the Colorado Music Buzz issue launch (I’ll be featured in this issue!)

– My series of “Do what you love. Love what you do workshops”

– Our B.Sue show on July 26th

– Prioritizing my work / play load.

I think I’ll just take a nap.