Do What You Love!

And what I love is magic!! I’m a beginning magician who has been practicing for a few months and will be debuting my skills at the Denver County Fair this Friday!

When I’m not performing magic, I’ll be managing the fashion, green, holistic, and history pavilions with the best side kick I could imagine… my dad!! Wheeew… it will be lots of work, but fun work!  Hope to see you there!


Morning thoughts

It’s 5am in the morning and I am wide awake. I popped up this morning, not feeling stressed and worried… But feeling extremely grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that presented themselves throughout the week. They presented themselves because I thought of them and then made them happen. I stepped outside my comfort zone to initiate action. I stopped procrastinating and feeling sorry for myself (which I can sometimes do when I am in an entrepreneurial rut) and chose to instead, hang out with positive and inspiring people. The feeling that I felt like giving up, quickly disappeared. When you feel down, don’t keep yourself down. Get up! Do things that make you happy! I played a lot of music and performed alot of magic. Go through the emotions, feel sad, feel angry, cry… Get it out of your system.. And move on…

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Mission Criticals

Get your Mission Criticals out of the way this morning. Those are the 3 tasks that if you were to only complete those 3 tasks, you’re day would be all set! Everything else is a bonus!

Sometimes I feel like my Mission Criticals are 20 deep. And then I am totally overwhelmed with my task list and am stressed out. Don’t think like this! Get 3 done and give yourself a big pat on the back!

Pat on the back machine, United States Patent 4608967 by Piro, Ralph R, published 09/02/1986

Pat on the back machine, United States Patent 4608967 by Piro, Ralph R, published 09/02/1986

Spring Cleaning. Declutter!

We are well into the spring season and summer is knocking at our door!

I’ve recently returned from my WordLove tour and since I’ve been back have been on a cleansing rampage. I want to simplify everything! For me to stay inspired and energized, I need to constantly change up my studio space and design it in a way that accommodates for new goals to be achieved. I felt like I couldn’t achieve any goals until I decluttered.

SO! I spent all last week redesigning my space, getting rid of tons o’ stuff that was clogging up my space and mind and keeping the flow from well… flowing!


There were boxes of objects for ideas that were not being done, piles of fabric in bags for future ideas… and you know what? I just packed it all up and donated it. These are old ideas and projects that I’m just not into anymore. I kept looking at the bags and boxes, thinking to myself, “One day I will be inspired to do that..” but really, it was another task on my to do list that no longer served me.

Leo Baubauta, author of The Power of Less, says “ Focus on only the essential, eliminate the rest, and allow yourself to get into that beautiful state known as “flow”.

I felt guilty about not pursuing these ideas. But then I realized. STOP! Why feel guilty over not feeling inspired about something? Getting rid of these things has left me feeling like I have a fresh slate to be inspired with. And dangit! It feels GOOOOOD!

DECLUTTER! Start fresh!  Do it GUILT FREE!



Facing my fears

My name is Brandi Shigley and I have a “picking my brain” fee. I understand my value and I understand that my 15 years as an entrepreneur is worth something. I will no longer feel bad about having my fee. Consulting is one of the ways that I make a living and by golly, I love it and I am good at it and I am passionate about it. I love connecting people and assisting them in moving forward with their dreams. While on tour, I realized that my biggest fear is asking for money. Time to face those fears head on.

This has been a life changing week!

Ever so often I realize that the advice that I’ve been giving in my consulting and in casual conversation, is the advice that I need to follow.


I will bring my vision and dreams to the forefront and make them a priority. I thought I was doing that, but I realize that I’m not.. or at least as not as much as I should be.