Step into your Genius


Unstick Yourself {workshop}!
Monday March 14th 2016

Green Spaces
2690 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

Somebody recently told me, there are 2 things you need to know… when you were born and why you were born! We all have a gift that we were given and sometimes it’s hard to know what that gift is. We can get so bombarded by the nitty gritty of life that we are distracted from honing in on our true genius.

This workshop is designed to help you find focus on your gift and to learn how to tap into that desire of what you want to be doing so you can have that passion in your life. We only have 1 life so we need to make it priority to be doing what we love and sharing our passions!

DWYLThis creative workshop will cover the following:

  • Finding your passion! How do you even know what it is that you are passionate about? Sometimes that desire is so buried that we just have to dust off the debris and re-find that flame. We will work in small groups in creative ways to tap into what your passion is.
  • Connecting! How, where and why do we connect? How do we connect with individuals and organizations that can connect us and involve us more in our passions?
  • Creative excercises to keep on going! Once we understand what that passion is, we need to stay motivated and actively be pursuing that passion. You will learn tips and excercises to keep the passion mobile moving!

Come, ready for inspiration and motivation!

I’ll have some beverages and light snacks too 🙂